Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Forms Server and the anonymous users

What would you do to enable forms server to unauthenticated users? When I have finished my form and tested it as anonymous user (as an authenticated user all works fine) I get an error when I submitted the form. My first idea was to follow the steps to enable the anonymous access to a list and submit my forms to this Document Library. But in SharePoint 2007 I could not grant access to lists to anonymous users. The only exception is the Surveys Lists (see the post in this blog).

The solution that I adopted was to change the submit option of my form. I published a web service that process the form and insert the form in a XML field on my database. If you want to save the form to a Document Library and avoid the database you can use the this web service or if you prefer you can store each field in a column of a Custom List extracting the fields of the form and insert in the list through the UpdateList web service published out-of-the-box by WSS 3.0

I also tried the solution exposed in post but it didn't work for me.

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