Friday, March 14, 2008

Quick tip: Lookup fields to a document library

In order to be able to lookup a document in a document library from a customized list is necessary that the document has the Title (or the property that you have selected to show) informed. When you save the document from Office 2003 the Title is not informed and it causes that the document cannot be putted as a reference in our custom list.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Optimizing your web content management portal

One of the most common problems with this kind of MOSS sites is the time to load the home page (or any other page). The first thought is "We need to add more WFE to the farm", but if you have not any complex component (flash, custom web part, …) the most probable problem will have the weight of the page. In order to reduce it you can follow this article which explains the principal techniques. I wish to remark two of these techniques: enable the HTTP compression on the server and avoid charging the core.js and core.css to the end users (core.js is not necessary for them and core.css will be override by your custom CSS).

In order to check it in this page you can check quickly what is the weight of your page and with this plug-in for FireFox you can calculate (objectively) the load time of any page.

Enjoy it!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

And the 70-542 too. I already have the SharePoint poker!

During the first day of the SharePoint Conference 2008 I have achieved my fourth SharePoint certification. Basically it includes the typical topics of MOSS:

  • BDC and the application definition file
  • Forms Server
  • Managing the user profiles
  • Search
  • Audiences
  • BI
  • Enterprise content management

For those who are in Seattle this week I recommend you to try it. During this week you can obtain the 70-630 and the 70-542 exams for free.

Good luck!

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