Friday, February 15, 2008

Web.config for all web applications in the same port? How is that possible?

I have three web applications on the port 80 and each one is accessible through different host headers. I have to configure the proxy settings to one of them, but the changes to its web.config have not any effect. But if I make some change in the web.config of the web application that has the default host header access, this change is applied to all web applications. Is it possible? What is the reason?


Àlex said...

I made a mistake. Only occurs to one web application and this web application does not exist in IIS, but it is listed in the web application list on the central administration. Is possible to create a web application without creating it in the IIS? I created the web application from the central administration without any problems.

Anonymous said...

Did you remember to run "iisreset /noforce" after creating the web application? If not then you're not going to see it show up in IIS...

Àlex said...

It could be the cause but I do not remember.

sara said...

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