Monday, March 3, 2008

And the 70-542 too. I already have the SharePoint poker!

During the first day of the SharePoint Conference 2008 I have achieved my fourth SharePoint certification. Basically it includes the typical topics of MOSS:

  • BDC and the application definition file
  • Forms Server
  • Managing the user profiles
  • Search
  • Audiences
  • BI
  • Enterprise content management

For those who are in Seattle this week I recommend you to try it. During this week you can obtain the 70-630 and the 70-542 exams for free.

Good luck!


Urvija said...

Exam is till free?

Urvija said...

I am confuse which Exam to give 70-540 or 70-541?can you please as soon as possible

Àlex said...

The exam was free during the SPC2008.

There are 4 exams about SharePoint 2007:
- 70-541: WSS Developing
- 70-542: MOSS Developing
- 70-630: MOSS Configuring
- 70-631: WSS Developing

If you have worked with MOSS and are preparing some of the configuring exams, I recommend you to try 70-630 and 70-631 in the same day.

Seven said...


Can u please provide some sort of learning guide to achieve these certifications. Specially 70-542.

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