Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Sharepoint definition

What is SharePoint? That is the first question that a customer, friend, wife … make when you talk them about SharePoint. My response always was different and here you can see some of the answers that I gave joined in a simple response:

"SharePoint is a Microsoft's product to develop portals …. And it can be used also to search information in many places (Notes, SAP, …) … and gives you a complete collaboration environment… And includes some advanced functionality like workflows, web forms, excels on web… "

This definition is not simple, and the most important, it does not define SharePoint entirely. The reason: SharePoint is too large and cannot be defined it completely on a single sentence.

For that reason, now I have a new definition for SharePoint:

"SharePoint is a Microsoft's product which connects the information with the people in each level of the business"

This sentence is too simple. But from this definition you can explain the functionalities around the fact that SharePoint approaches the information to the people.

Please, feel free to post your own definition or any comment.


Aysa said...

I feel this definition also give the clearance.
"Sharepoint is a Microsoft Product which manage the tasks and information of organization with respect to their hierarchy levels."

Todd Colstrom said...

That's a really good thought. Here's another possible definition:

"SharePoint is a knowledge infrastructure product which facilitates the discovery of and collaboration on information in an organization."

Anonymous said...


"Sharing at a single Point"

المهندس سامر نزال said...

We need - As SharePoint Cosultants - to find definition for SharePoint as culutre not as technology.

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