Friday, June 29, 2007

70-541 – My first SharePoint certification

Today I have passed the 70-541 exam. It is about development in WSS and it is not difficult if you have the key concepts clear. The questions are 80% about the API (managinitems, lists and sites) and the rest is about deploying the solution.


222 said...

Hi Friend

I am preparing for the same exam if u have any material please post me or send me the links where i can get it it is useful to me



Àlex said...

I did not follow any guide. If you have developed with the WSS API you will have half exam passed.
I recommend you that read this and check all items.

222 said...

Hai Friend

Please forward me how to create WSS API. I think it is helpful for me

Thanks & Regards


Àlex said...

Create WSS API? The WSS API is the Windows SharePoint Services Application Program Interface.

222 said...


ved said...

Hey dude

Any idea regarding SharePoint Services 3.0 Configuring 71-631??? I do not have much experience in Application development. But administration i have knowledge.

Could you please say how to go around with that.

Àlex said...

in the configuring exam there are questions about general administration and some questions about "advanced" infraestructure of a SharePoint solution like ISA Server, MOM and NLB protocols.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have done a good amount of development in sharepoint with some custom workflow development also. I'm well versed wiht API model of sharepoint also.

I would like to know what is the procedure for booking urself for the to go about it.

Ahmed said...

Hi, I am interested in the 70-541 exam as well. This will be my first certification so I wanted to ask about the format of the exam. Is it all multiple questions or should I expect to answer questions in writing?

Àlex said...

This exam, like the most of the MS certification exams, is a multiple choice test.

Good luck!

François said...

Jeeez ! guys... ! can't you just do your own search and find out
1) requirement for the Admin exam 71-631 is on MS site, same site as Alex gave but for 71-631 instead of 70-541..
2) How to do API .. there are LOTS of blogs taling about this, giving tips, step by step and .. screenshot. Google and don't jsut throw a stone "hoping" someone will take you by the hand
3) how to register to an exam.. well again MS site gives all the link to .. Prometric and other sites.
Come guys ! don't be lazy,
thanks Alex and.. Well done for the certif !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex , for sharing the experience of Cert...

Now i want to prepare for the SharePoint Certification Exam. I haven't much experience in SharePoint but have done some works (eg. Creating Document and other Laibraries etc). So which book(s) do you recommend to be master in SharePoint (Microsoft Training Kit may help me in exam , but i want a master level)???

Asif Azad

sonal said...

hi congrats

hey i m also planning for certification

can u plz suggest me which one should i go for 70-541 or 70-542.i m bit confused

madhavi said...


Can i have the details about 70-541 MOSS cert exam and the required material or link?

Anilkumar Loka said...


I have done all the concepts in moss2007 including infopath and Custom workflows.

I wolud like to know all the procedure to write this certification.How to approach for this?
Can i have the details about 70-541 MOSS cert exam and the required material or link.

I u help me i will be thank full to you.

Please send any information to

Sumit Chavan said...


I am planning to take 70-541 SharePoint certification.

Can any body plz send me the study material to my mail id


ganga said...


I am planning to write 70-541 WSS developemnet before april 15th. I practiced some tests and prepared inside WSS book. is it enough for the exam, or i need to do any more. please help me in this regard.


Lalit said...

Hi alex & all..... i am also going to try myself with sharepoint certification , which exam is best...what r the rules for any one have material for sharepoint certification exam...plz guide me.... i hav not much time for preparation....

Anonymous said...

Sigh! The fundamental purpose of any Microsoft (and any vendors) exam is to validate the "experience" of a person on the specific technology. If you have enough "real" experience (not just write a webpart that render "Hello World!"), you don't need any materials to study but your experience. However, passing such exam is no longer a valid proof any more because all the braindumps available has made it meaningness. When I hiring people, I no longer read about the candidates MC-Whatever cert. Used to be good ... but just for the first 3 years after NT3.5's days :(

Àlex said...

"Anonymous", I am partially agree with you. You don't need to study a lot if you have experience in the technology of the exam. But if you study and don't take any shortcut (TK for example) I am sure that you will learn something new or better ways to do it.

Ritesh jain said...

hello sir.... i m ritesh want to do sharepoint certification will u guide me the Road map to do this certification ... if can send me information on my gmail id

Ritesh jain said...

hello sir.... i m ritesh want to do sharepoint certification will u guide me the Road map to do this certification ... if can send me information on my gmail id

Manish Goyal said...
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Manish Goyal said...

thanks for the useful information.

See some consolidated questions on SharePoint Development and Administration to prepare for certifications here:

SharePoint Question on Development

SharePoint Question on Administration

Shoumik said...


I recently came this free Sharepoint Certification Preparation Guide From Exam Force Valid in US, Canada and Mexico only...

Free Study Guides in this Offer:


70-631 TS: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Configuration – 29 pages
70-640 TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration – 78 pages
70-290 Managing and Maintaining a Server 2003 Environment – 45 pages

I think this might help many of you...

Neeraj said...


Can anyone tell me hows Sharepoint market in current recession scenario..........means hows its future

Àlex said...

Microsoft is going to launch the new version of the product (SharePoint 2010 and WSS 4.0). I cannot advance anything about the new features in this new version, but the Microsoft continues integrating the most of their server products in SharePoint platform.

Then, SharePoint will continue being a key platform in Microsoft environments.

Venkata said...

Please send me If any body have 70-542 Certification dumps!!!
My Mail-id:

Advanced Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I am also looking for latest dum. Please send me you have 70-542 or 541 dump on my mail id:

Veena said...


I am planning to prepare for the same exam 70-541 in SharePoint. Can somebody forward me those materials

shrikant said...

I am preparing 70-541 exam . Can anyone help me to give me guide line for study and free dump.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Please if you have any material then u can send me at:-

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