Friday, June 1, 2007

Accessibility, CSS Friendly Controls, AspNet Menu and IE6

If you are developing an accesible site with ASP.NET 2.0 you can use the CSS Friendly Controls Adapters to render the controls without tables. You can access to the project at The current release of the AspNet Menu does not work with IE6 and the menus are invisible. After some investigation I discover that the problem is the Menu.css in the project. I have excluded this file and it shows the menu in IE6. Finally I have discovered what was happening. There is a bug in IE6 with the next class included in the Menu.css:



position: relative;


If you delete it all will works fine. For that reason I recommend to check the CSS files included in the project and verify it if you detect some strange behavior. In our case we have model the menu in the css of the application.

Special thanks to Edu and Victor who detect it.

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Tom Carpe said...

That was gold, thank you.

Raj said...

Thanks! You saved me hours trying to figure out what was happening.

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